Graduation Party in Three Weeks? AAARRRRGGGGHHH

So you purchased 600 square feet of pavers and were gong to build your own patio? This client, who I am sure could have built a nice patio himself, realized that with his son’s high school graduation party rapidly approaching, he needed to call in reinforcements.

The image below is what I saw when I first visited the site, and we were booked solid with work at the time. I thought there was no way we could deliver a quality product on time. Fortunately, I was wrong. We worked some overtime, picked up where the homeowner left off, and build a beautiful patio with a seat wall and fire pit.



The mud pit shown above was transformed to become a great outdoor space in less than one week, and yes, the graduation party went of without a hitch.

Sometimes even the most capable DIY guy can underestimate the scope of a project and may not know exactly how to correctly build something like a patio, which may seem like a pretty simple undertaking after watching too much HGTV. Admittedly, what we do isn’t rocket science, but it does require the proper knowledge, equipment, materials, tools and skills.


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If ever you bite off more than you can chew, give us a call. Or, better yet, call us first.

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