Keswick Patio

So you purchased a beautiful new home, with a sloped back yard and steps from a screened porch that lead to nothing. That is where we come in.

064 Harris patio (2)


Our clients needed a place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, entertain friends and grill. They made the decision to wait until they had lived in the house for a while prior to adding this much needed patio. We had to cut and fill, build a bluestone capped retaining wall that matches the cultured stone foundation, and a lovely concrete slab patio. Yes, I said, “a LOVELY concrete slab patio.” Pavers and slabs have come a long way in terms of color, texture, available sizes and quality. If you ever turned your nose up at the thought of a concrete paver or slab patio or walkway based on what you thought pavers and slabs were, you may consider re-visiting them with fresh eyes. Blending man-made and natural materials can be done well and create a functional space with complementary and contrasting colors and textures, as you can see in the photos below.

Harris patio (1)Harris patio (4) Harris patio (5) Harris patio (3) Harris patio (1)

We did this project in mid-December, and even though we had to fight the mud and cold weather, we “left no trace”. Well, no trace beyond a great outdoor space.

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