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It’s a bit chilly outside, and the perfect day to stay in the warm office! We had a very busy 2014, and I woefully neglected the Evergreen Hardscapes blog. Over the next several weeks I will be posting photos and descriptions of 2014 projects. We recently updated and completed our Houzz profile, and I would love it if you could check it out, give me feedback and consider following us on

For those who don’t know Houzz, it is a great tool for consumers who are looking for ideas for new home construction, renovations, outdoor living spaces and just about anything one can do to improve their property. There are many thousands of images which can be added to “idea books”, which one can share with friends, architects, designers and contractors to guide them in terms of style, design elements, mediums, color, texture and scope.

Click the link below or the “Featured on Houzz” button at the top right corner of my homepage to see our profile on Houzz.


Happy new year!


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Spring is Finally Here!

As much as I love snow and snow sports, I, like many others, am so terribly happy to see the garden grow, feel the warm sun, watch the trees and flowers bloom and not be cold.

Welcome, Spring. We missed you.

Now is the time to think about summer lawn parties, cookouts and enjoying the Spring and Summer months. We have been busy creating new outdoor living spaces and the schedule is filling up quickly. It is not too late to plan and install the patio, pool deck, new walkway or outdoor kitchen that you have always wanted, and still be able to enjoy it for the summer. Don’t let another season slip by living with an inadequate, dated or less than attractive outdoor living space.

july 12 2012 downlaod 048

Currently, we are installing a bluestone patio for the Shelter for Help in Emergency 2014 Design House. Thanks to Anna Boeschenstein  from Grounded, LLC for the design work. If you are in the Charlottesville area, you should plan on touring this beautiful house in Farmington.

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Shady Lawn- Part 2

After we finished phase one, which included demolishing and replacing the pool deck, installing new sandstone coping, stone retaining walls, steps, importing hundreds of cubic yards of fill, grading and installing sod, it was time to put the finishing touches on this property.

The second phase consisted of building a walkway that leads from the new English garden and herb garden to the pergola next to the pool, covering an old(yet not historic) brick retaining wall with stone, building a new stone wall and columns at the cottage, installing granite cobble curbing and transitions and applying a tar and chip surface treatment to the cottage driveway and parking court. George Carter and his crew from Ivy Nursery handled the plant installation and landscaping, Dave Nowak of Technirain installed the irrigation, SL Williamson did the driveway surface treatment, and the design was done by Anna Boeschentstein of Grounded, LLC.

Shady Lawn cottage drive before cobbleIMG_1924

phase II zoom beforeIMG_1941

october 16 2012 025IMG_1931

Shady Lawn Herb Garden Steps from driveIMG_1929

IMG_1937 IMG_1938

the cottage signIMG_1946

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Shady Lawn

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Last year when I was still with my old company, I began one of my all-time favorite projects. This year Evergreen Hardscapes built phase II of this beautiful project for one of my favorite clients. As the season winds down … Continue reading

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Beau Mont Farms Backyard Transformation- Part 3











dormady from back 1 dormady from back 2 dormady from back 3 dormady from back 4


Here are a few shots that show what some good planning, grading and hardscape work can do to create beautiful and usable space.

dormady progress 005


Our clients chose what I think is one of the most attractive concrete block retaining wall systems. Just prior to breaking ground, they asked if we could incorporate a fire pit into the patio. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the wall block does not make a fire pit kit in the block we were using. Solution, spend a day in your equipment yard custom cutting and piecing together a circle with a 2.5′ radius out of block which is made to allow a minimum radius of 7′. We numbered and palletized the custom fire pit piece by piece, and then reassembled it on site without a hitch.

Dormady job 035

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Beau Mont Farms Backyard Transformation- Part 2

dormady back corner 1 dormady back corner 2 dormady back corner 3 dormady back corner 4 dormady back corner 5


For this project a key design point was creating comfortable access to the new patio from the driveway. Since we were using a blend of natural and man made mediums, we needed to create a transition since the differing materials were not mixed. The landing,  which was added during construction and was not on the final plan revision, is a simple way to add to the functionality of the access from the driveway and helps to create a clean transition from bluestone and sandstone to concrete pavers and wall block. As you will see in the next post, the coloration and texture of the concrete wall block and the split Tennessee sandstone steps are similar and compliment each other well.

We wanted to create a space that was large enough to use as a patio even though its main purpose was to act as a walkway. The wall is built to be at a comfortable height to sit on, retains soil and creates a small planting bed for a simple perennial planting or annual color.

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Beau Mont Farm Backyard Transformation- Part 1

dormady from septic 1 dormady from septic 2 dormady from septic 3 dormady from septic 4 dormady from septic 5


Our clients had added a beautiful screened porch to their home, but the lawn had grade and erosion issues, and was anything but inviting. They needed a simple and functional hardscape plan that would tie the new porch into the backyard and create a great space for entertaining or just relaxing with the family. We had to be very cautious as we planned, graded and excavated to avoid covering or damaging the septic system. It was necessary to import gravel fill to raise the grade to accommodate the new patio and fire pit.

I created a post regarding this project recently, but I wanted to show the process creating of each section of the hardscape.

Below is the as built drawing that I gave to the client for future reference that shows the actual layout of the hardscape and underground utility locations. We went through numerous revisions of the design before arriving at the final plan. With our design software revising and amending plans is very fast and simple.

Dormady Mitchell As Built

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